Designed For Life®

Our Design Philosophy

Designed For Life means so much more than building a product strong enough to withstand the test of time. Products must be Built to Last and Designed to Evolve so that they never go out of style and never become obsolete.


We estimate that for every Sactionals setup you adopt into your life,

You're Saving 4 Couches From a Landfill*

Creating a Designed For Life product is a difficult thing to achieve, and we understand that it will take some time to truly live up to it. We work every day to ensure that we’re taking meaningful steps towards achieving this design philosophy. From the raw materials we use to our packaging and shipping practices, we’re committed to the responsible consumption of resources and working with partners that share our same vision.

*Calculated based on the average purchase rate of couches and their expected lifespan.


In addition to saving 4 couches from a landfill, Sac and Sactionals Inserts use upholstery fabric made from repurposed plastic water bottles.

Since 2018 we have repurposed 180+ million plastic bottles from the waste stream into Designed For Life furniture. Here's how:

Recycled Bottles

Post-consumer bottles are collected and cleaned

Repreve Flake & Chip

Bottles are chopped into flake that is melted into chip

Repreve Fabric

Chip is spun into yarn that is woven to make Sactionals upholstery fabric

Learn more at www.repreve.com.

Responsible Packaging

Sactionals were designed and packaged to maximize shipping efficiency. Recycled kraft cardboard is used to lessen the use of bleaches and dyes, further reducing our total environmental impact.

Built to Last

Buying furniture is a major investment. Rather than trying to sell you as many couches as we can throughout your life, we build our products to be with you for the rest of it. And to us, that means so much more than just durability. When you purchase Sactionals, we make sure it's the last couch you'll ever need to buy.

Designed to Evolve

Your life is always evolving - your desires, tastes, and circumstances change over time. Doesn't it make sense that your furniture adapts to those changes? You should never have to toss your old couch because it doesn't fit size or style, or because it fell behind the times technologically. Your couch should evolve with you.

To learn more about the Designed For Life philosophy, visit DFLgroup.org.