Lovesac Mobile Concierge Van infront of a house.Lovesac Mobile Concierge Van infront of a house.

What is Lovesac Mobile Concierge?

Mobile Concierge is a fully equipped mobile showroom that brings a personalized and curated shopping experience to your home. A knowledgeable Lovesac associate will showcase what Total Comfort is all about while you design the Sactionals setup of your dreams.

During your complimentary Mobile Concierge appointment, you can do everything you can in our showrooms:

• Receive a demo to learn how Sactionals work
• Experience our latest product innovations
• Try different Sactionals fill types
• View and feel a variety of fabric options
• Create the Sactionals setup that perfectly fits your space and style
• Place your order with fast & free shipping

We’re continuing to observe all local mask mandates for the areas we serve. Find more information about face covering requirements for our Washington D.C. and Seattle Mobile Concierge locations.

Mobile Concierge is Rolling Out in the Seattle and DC Markets

How Does it Work?

Women scheduling an appointment using her laptop.Women scheduling an appointment using her laptop.

Schedule a Complimentary Appointment Online
Head to the Mobile Concierge location page to schedule an appointment that works for you.

Lovesac van in front of a house.Lovesac van in front of a house.

The Mobile Concierge Will Come to You
A knowledgeable Lovesac associate will work with you, one-on-one, to answer your questions.

Couple adjusting their Lovesac Sactional.Couple adjusting their Lovesac Sactional.

Get a Demo, Design Your Sactionals Setup
Learn about Sactionals, experience new products, and design the perfect setup for you.

Woman moving her Lovesac Sactional delivery boxes.Woman moving her Lovesac Sactional delivery boxes.

Place an Order with Free Shipping
Your order will arrive at your door with fast & free delivery via FedEx.

Mobile Concierge is Proud to Serve Select Areas of Seattle and Washington D.C.

Q: What is Mobile Concierge?

A: Mobile Concierge is a fully operational Lovesac showroom that comes right to your door.

Q: Where is Mobile Concierge Available?

A: Currently, Mobile Concierge is available in select areas of the Seattle and Washington D.C. markets. Lovesac will continue to expand serviceable areas throughout 2022. If Mobile Concierge is not available in your area, check out our Showroom Locator page to find a showroom near you, or book a virtual appointment at Lovesac.com.

Q: When will Mobile Concierge be available in other areas?

A: Mobile Concierge will begin expanding into other service areas throughout 2022.

Q: How do I make an appointment? 

A: Mobile Concierge appointments can be scheduled on Lovesac.com.

A: Seattle Mobile Concierge: please email seattlemobile@lovesac.com or call (425) 409-4596.

A: Washington D.C. Mobile Concierge: please email dcnovamobile@lovesac.com or call (202) 981-2013.

Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule?

A: At least 48 hours in advance.

Q: Will the Mobile Concierge service take place inside of my home?

A: No, all interaction with the Lovesac associate and product will take place inside or around the Mobile Concierge vehicle. 

Q: Where will Mobile Concierge park when it arrives? 

A: Parking location will be determined on an appointment-by-appointment basis.

Q: Can I purchase product through Mobile Concierge?

A: Yes, Mobile Concierge is a fully functioning Lovesac showroom. Orders can be placed, and products will arrive via FedEx according to standard Lovesac lead-times. Product will not be carried directly out of the Mobile Concierge vehicle.

Q: Are all Lovesac products available through Mobile Concierge?

A: Mobile Concierge carries a pre-built, floor model Sactionals setup featuring all fill types for shoppers to experience, as well as an extensive assortment of Sac & Sactionals Custom and Quick Ship fabrics, phurs, and leather Cover options. The service will also carry all new products and innovations. Although Sacs are not available to test through Mobile Concierge, your Lovesac Associate will be able to place orders for any Lovesac product. 

Q: Is Mobile Concierge owned and operated by Lovesac?

A: Yes, Lovesac owns and operates the Mobile Concierge service. All associates are Lovesac employees.